Nan Meltzer Design

    My background is in art and design.I have been creative and in art classes since I was young girl and attended an arts high school growing up in Texas. In my twenties I studied painting at the Leo Marchutz School in Aix en Provence in southern France.

Upon my return to the states from the south of France I started my jewelry company Ex Coll which consisted of pieces that were created entirely of found objects. The pieces were a conglomeration of antique buttons, charms, watch parts, tin types, and photos. After a move west from Texas to Oregon in the 1990‘s the line evolved into lost wax cast silver and bronze pieces that I made from deconstructed found objects.

In 1992 I moved to Los Angeles where I started my company Revival Lightworks after a fortuitus trip to a local scrap yard yeilded a plethora of old lamp castings.  For fourteen years I designed and manufactured lighting that was sold all over the world. The lamps were metal, wood, and glass and my hand painted paper and fabric shades were revered as some of the best available.

During this time I was approached by the actress Heather Graham to do the interiors of her loft in NYC.

This was the beginning of working with many different clients from the Hollywood community.

I also became interested in the construction aspect of these jobs after having some frustrating  experiences with a few contractors working on clients homes.

I realized I could run the jobs much more quickly and efficiently than these contractors with multiple jobs on their plates and this is how I got into project managing and construction.

I so love to help clients transform their homes into the special sanctuary that our spaces can be.  With an expansive creative vision and a keen practical side I am a great balance for designing and fulfilling my clients dreams for their homes.